Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Quilt Shop Finds

Katie and I spent a day out shopping recently. We stayed right here in our town and went to my favorite places ~ the quilt shops.
At the first little shop I found the goodies above.
~ 2 Buttermilk Basin needle punch patterns
~ Backyard Quilts applique hand towel pattern
~ a few scraps of wool
~ 2 fat quarters
~ a new pair of sewing nippers
~ I Love to Quilt sign

At the second shop I was able to find the backing and quilt batting that I needed to finish the Promises and Borders quilt that I worked on all of last year.
Now I've got it all sandwiched together and stretched out on my quilting frame. Just need to get stitching now.

Snow is on it's way so they say!
They are calling for a heavy wet snow to begin blanketing our area later this evening. The kids are all hopeful of a school cancellation for tomorrow and since they are predicting 4-6 inches I'm guessing that their wish will come true.


lisa said...

Oh the goodies look great.... We had 2 inches yesterday and 5 inches last night... They called for wet heavy snow and it was light and fluffy....I don't think they really know.... And they told us it would snow all day long....They cancelled schools and it was over by 9am... The plows have already been by and they are never here that early....So the main roads are already done...
Russ went into work and said it wasn't bad except there were two accidents on the highway ....You could tell where they ended up that there were going way to fast...SUV's...SUV's are really nice but people here in Iowa go way to fast thinking that nothing will happen...Most cars in the ditches are SUV's...

I do enjoy the snow...it is helping the farmers and back yard gardeners....

Enjoy the snow and quilting... Lisa

Loretta Thomas said...

Jessica your purchases are all very nice. I really love the sign. Looks as if you are ready to finish your quilt. It has been a while since I've seen one on a frame. Thanks for displaying it! Have missed our visits. Have a nice week! Loretta

Granny Sue said...

Looks like you're all set! Did you get the snow?

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see your finished quilt!