Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I've Been Working On

Obviously, what I haven't been working on for the past few months is BLOGGING but I did manage to accomplished a few other projects during that time. 
I've been stitching away in hopes of creating enough to take to our local craft show later on this fall.  I grab my sewing anytime I hit the couch to watch TV but since the weather has changed my stitching time has dwindled. I find myself outside most evenings with the family instead of sitting indoors.
The heart at the top of the post is needle punch. I had so much fun working on this little one. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but I will find something.
I stitched a few Christmas gingers and a tree.
A couple of "Everything has a Purpose"
and my most favorite, the "Forget the Days Troubles". I love the way the fabric looks after staining it with coffee.
I've also stitched up a few patriotic pictures. They were stitched using patterns from Chestnut Junction.

Wife & Mother of a U.S. soldier

Currently I'm doing sewing of a different kind. We are finished with school so I have more time that allows for me to get my machine out. I'll post those pictures later.


Carmen C. said...

Those are so beautiful, love them all!!!! I've been busy here working outside, trimming more wild roses out back, painting window sills, etc. seems like it never ends, lol!

annie said...

those all look wonderful, you sure have been busy. hope the show goes well when it comes, and hope you have a terrific summer.

black bear cabin said... have been very busy...and they all look great! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Jessica! You have been very busy! I love all your stitcheries and you're right about that coffee stained one. It turned out great!
I've been MIA in the blog world. Just been busy with painting and other household stuff. I've done a little knitting and just got started on sewing again. Hopefully, I'll post something soon. ;-)

Granny Sue said...

Gorgeous work!