Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Start to the New Year

Hi everyone! Did you think I fell off the face of the Earth?
Well I'm still here. It's been a little over six months since I last posted. Don't know why other than life has been pretty boring lately and boring just doesn't give you much to work with when writing.
However, I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis even if it is boring. 
Well the New Year has kicked off with snow and much coldness. My kids have yet to make it back to school from their holiday break due to icy road conditions. Today is the third SNOW DAY for 2014.
As you can see from the photo above we had more snow last night. The amount isn't great but underneath that snow is a solid sheet of ice. It was raining when we went to bed and then when the cold temperatures arrived last night everything froze. Gotta be careful out there walking on it.
While off on Christmas break I began working on these star blocks. Each and everyone hand sewn which takes so much more time than by machine but I love doing it. 
This weekend I started off to make them into a small table runner but ran into problems figuring the angles. I am not good at math!!  So I ended up sewing the three pieces together and it will probably end up in my unfinished pile until I get a better idea of what to do with it. 
I have another year long quilt project that I hope to begin today. I'll be back tomorrow to share it with you. 
Stay warm wherever you may be!


Carmen C. said...

SHE'S ALIVE!!! Haha! Glad to see you back I've missed your posts but I haven't done much better myself ;) Love those colors, so spring-ish! Hope you are enjoying the snow, I am hating it as usual but nothing we can do, stay warm!

Teri said...

Your town looks like one I know...Niagra Wi..could be it's twin. Anyway, I live in a rural setting where winter is very long. I hope to get several projects finished this winter. Good luck on yours!

Loretta Thomas said...

Hello Lady, so glad to here from you! You have been missed. I suppose I can say the same...I just don't have anything to blog about anymore here, however the pet blog gives me a lot to do. Maybe when you have time you'll check it out:
We have two additions to the family also. That snow is pretty but I'm so cold here I don't want to see or feel anything that can bring more cold. LOL!
Love the runner hope you figure it out...the colors are really nice.
Keep Warm and cozy...Loretta

Granny Sue said...

Missed you, Jessica! Boring is not a word I'd use to describe you. I love that runner--seems like it just needs a back and edging to make it perfect, but I'm no quilter. Happy New Year to all your bunch!

Steph said...

Welcome back! We got a few flakes of snow this morning. We had wind chills of below zero today, and will have till Wednesday. That's unheard of here!