Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunny Saturday

This past Saturday we headed to a pond with a friend to do a little fishing. It was a gorgeous day. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and the fish were biting.
The property owner is in the process of building and what a beautiful house this is gonna be. I told him if it were mine I'd stay and never want to leave to go to town for anything. The inside is just as great (or will be when it's finished).
The kids had a blast fishing. This bass was actually caught by my youngest son but he was fishing from way up high on a deck so he had to ask Logan (pictured) to remove it from his hook.
I off course, had to have someone take each one of mine off...EEwww!
School has begun in our neck of the woods unfortunately.
It's been a rough week (for me) trying to get in enough sleep. I'm used to sleeping in all summer so it's always a challenge when the schedule changes. All is going well so far. Gage is now going to the high school and doing good other than for the fact that he lost his cell phone the first day. 
Katie is being home schooled for her last year. Next year she will enter public schools at the junior high level. Hoping all goes well then too!
So as we trudge through this first week back...we ALL are counting the days until the weekend arrives.
Who knows, maybe we can get another great day of fishing in!

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Carmen S. said...

What a beautiful lake and that house...OH MY, my dream house for sure!!!! Think they would let us all move in?? lol! Hope the school year goes good and you settle in to the new schedule ((hugs))