Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top Kicks Military Museum - 2nd Visit

Our next stop on the field trip was Top Kicks Military Museum in Petersburg, WV.
Owner and curator, Gereald Bland kindly opened his doors late that evening, as we were a bit behind, so that all the kids could browse through his awesome military museum. His only request was that we go quickly as "his" favorite show was coming on in a half an hour and he really wanted to catch it.
So that we did!
The kids went through all the display cases that house the bits and pieces of war memorabilia as well as his vast collection of military vehicles. 
He also gave them a few questions that they needed to search for the answers.
My pictures didn't turn out all that great this trip but you can see more from my previous visit HERE.

You can also find out more by visiting Top Kick's website.

Next Stop: Smoke Hole Caverns

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Carmen S. said...

Very cool place by the looks of it! Glad you had fun and a lot to learn for the kiddos!