Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ThunderSnow = SnowDay

Early morning snow flurries caused schools in the area to start on a two hour delay only to be completely cancelled another hour later. This is actually our first snow day for this season which is strange compared to last few years where we had quite a few by this time. 
The kids were obviously thrilled to be off!
By noon, most of the snow had slowed to just a few flurries so Kate and I thought we'd take off to Walmart. 
Bad idea!!
We were only in there for about 15 minutes and when we came out it was like a blizzard. Everything was snow covered all over again and the roads were HORRIBLE.
We took the long way home because I was afraid the hill would be snow covered and hard to climb. Lucky thing I did because as we drove past that hill I could see the lights of a fire truck parked there.
It snowed most of the afternoon. The winds picked up and we even heard thunder a few times. In all we measured 5 inches in our back yard and have had to go out twice to shovel. Now the temperatures are dropping into the teens and everything is refreezing.
Just glad everyone is home from work safe and sound. 
I think I've had enough of winter already!

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Cheryl Helms said...

Burrr... stay warm and safe!