Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creating a Source of Interest

Creating a Source of Interest

This is our first year of homeschooling & I have quickly learned that this first year is all about finding what and how to keep each child "tuned in" to what we are learning. My 8 year old is building upon the foundations that he has learned in grades K-2 in the public schools. On the other hand, my 4 year old is just beginning to lay those first foundation blocks.
Some days can be soooo frustrating!
The approach that I use with one kid sometimes just doesn't work at all with the other. I had been teaching my daughter to recognize and print the letters of the alphabet. After about a month I realized it wasn't working. She could care less about the ABC's, numbers, etc. So I sat back for a week thinking about what I could do to get her interested.
Here is the result.....and please look beyond the (horrible) artistic aspect of it.
I used what I had on hand at the house that day and made an Alphabet Tree. Each time she has mastered a letter or number then I give her and apple to place on the tree. This has really made a difference! She went from not caring the least to being excited to learn so that she can decorate her apple tree.
My son (feeling left out) said "What about Me"? Well, he loves penguins so I gave him a wall
of them. He is learning his multiplication tables so each time he gets a set right then I give him another penguin to add to the water. It's all about making it FUN instead of BORING!

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Anonymous said...

This looks super cute...and super effective. You are incredibly innovative; the children have a very talented teacher. By the way, your artwork is great!