Friday, November 7, 2008

A Garden of My Own!

I have searched high & low for the pictures of my garden and can't find them. I must have deleted them so I will have to post this with no pictures.
I have always wanted a garden of my own ( just outside MY back door) but never really had the space for one. Last fall we were able to purchase the property next to our house, which in size is equal to one city lot. So....this spring I decided to try my hand at gardening since we now had the extra space. We started out on a smaller scale but by the time we were done we had a 30X30 garden all tilled up and ready to go. I planted 3 rows of sweet corn, 4 rows of red potatoes, 1 row of green beans, 6 bell peppers, 12 sweet banana peppers, 18 tomato plants, squash, zucchini and carrots. My youngest son wanted to plant sunflowers so he planted Mammoth Sunflowers along the outer edges of the garden.
Since it was the first year and the ground hadn't been worked in 35 plus years I figured the garden would be a flop. However, to my surprise it did really well. (Or shall I say most of it did.) We lost all of the zucchini, squash & carrots. Everything else did well though. We had a fair amount of corn considering we were late getting it in the ground. The potatoes did excellent. We had green beans once or twice a week and I had plenty enough tomatoes and peppers to can my own spaghetti sauce and tomato juice. I also have a good many bags of diced peppers that I was able to freeze to use in future dishes. Almost forgot...our neighbor had extra cucumbers that he gave to us and I sliced them and made pickles and canned them.
I'm glad the canning season is over but I look forward to next years. It's rewarding to be able to go out your back door and pick the vegetables that you have grown (free of pesticides & chemicals). I will post the recipe that I use to can my spaghetti sauce in the near future. It's really GOOD!

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