Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Holiday Tree....Forever Changed

This Holiday Tree....Forever Changed

I have a huge love for little things that make our home feel all warm & cozy. For me that includes the yummy smells of bakery tarts burning in the tart warmer and the warm glow of candles in my window sills. This is my favorite time of the year with the holidays approaching.

SNOW...Baking...Candlelights...Wreaths...Shopping...Christmas Carols... SNOW...

Everyone Being Together....Christmas Parades...Did I say SNOW...

and the Perfect Christmas Tree.

I began doing some pre-holiday cleaning the other day!

Just cleaning out some things we no longer use and moving some furninture around. I told the kids it wouldn't be long till it would be time to go pick out a fresh tree to decorate for the holidays. As I carried the items that we were no longer using to our storage room I passed by a small Christmas tree that was once my Grandmother's. I told my daughter we would take it home and plug it in and then decorate it with fall colors for Thanksgiving and then change it for Christmas. (All the while I'm thinking about the cozy feeling of the candlelights that will be added to my living room and anticipating the arrival of the larger version that would come soon.)

I didn't even get the time to fluff the branches out!!!

My daughter instantly went to her room in search of any small items that she could use to decorate this tree. There are bracelets, rings, necklaces, Happy Meal Toys, a pirate's eye patch, key rings and small animals from her dollhouse set. She was so PROUD of her creation!
Oh! That is Snickers beside the tree...our Snowshoe Siamese checking it all out!

It's still sitting in our living room just as she decorated it. If Mee-Mee were here she would be smiling and telling her how beautiful it was. It will stay in our living room for now till we go to pick out a real tree for the holidays and then I will let her keep it in her room to decorate over and over again.

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