Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Boys Are BORED!!!!

My Boys are Bored!

I constantly hear I am bored...My suggestion is go find something useful to do other than video games. I am crafty and love to sew, cross-stitch and crochet. However, that does not interest two boys (at least not mine) at all. I bought a woodburning kit for my oldest son last year and keep reminding him of that but he just keeps telling me he wants to build something.

Well...that's not my department!

So I gave them an idea and handed it over to my husband.

We know where we can get lots of pallets for free so I suggested they go and haul some of them in and see what they could come up with. So they decided to build a fort in our backyard.
As they get more finished I will post more pictures!

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