Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Favorite Poem

Here is a favorite poem of mine that I found several years back while surfing the internet. I would love to one day stitch this and frame it. Not that I ever will but it's on my to-do list.

Cowboy's Cathedral
by Carlene Sleeseman-Daugherty
Lord, I'm a hard workin' cowboy,
spend my life on the range
and some people say I won't get to heaven
if certain things don't change.
See, it's been awhile since I've been in a church
with steeple & bell
But that don't mean I don't know Ya' God,
and know Ya' very well.
I try to live by the commandments
that You set down for man
and I thank Ya' for my blessings
every chance I can.
Now, I don't need those stained glass windows,
the sunset sky suits me fine.
And as for the steeple,
well, there on the hill stands one lone pine.
I don't need a crowded, handcarved, padded pew;
that rock beneath that lone pine is where I worship You.
As for the music, well I don't need to hear a choir;
the birds are singin', the wind is whisperin',
what more could I desire?
My church has no beamed ceiling,
just blue sky up above,
it's carpeted with wildflowers
and overflows with Your love.
So, I don't need a manmade church,
I know with all my heart
that the great outdoors is a cathedral You built
and on it, Your blessings impart!


Kris said...

I relate to the message in this poem find...thanks for sharing!

Carmen said...

What a lovely poem! Thanks for your comment on my candles, I love coming up with new ideas! How are you feeling today? The snow and cold make my fibro act up alot and also my job at the vet clinic. Have a great day!!!

Chickenista said...

Beatiful poem! Sometimes the most important prayers are answered in the tears left in the sand on your knees. The hardest praying can come from a sinner at rock bottom. We don't need church to praise God. He's right here guiding us. You can thank Him anytime!
So happy you understand letting a child bloom. Hardest first step a parent has.

The Wife said...

Love it. Do you mind if I steal it? It is very fitting for many people I know.

Country Whispers said...

Feel free. Like I said it is not mine. I found it a good many years back & absolutely love it.