Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow! Snow! & More Snow!

We have had snow all week long here along with some ice & rain. I love the winter and absolutely love to watch the snow fall however, I am officially ready for Spring! We had a quick burst of heavy snow this morning and I thought it was so pretty. Here are some pictures taken from my second story front porch and then one of the backyard. Take notice of all the electric, telephone & cable wires out front. They don't make it easy to take pictures. Everywhere you turn there is a line running. Oh well, that is why I enjoy so many of your country photos that you all share. I'll just stick to cooking the recipes. **Yes, those are Christmas Lights still hanging. I have had all the decorations down for quite a while but I have to wait for my husband to get a ladder out to take that one last strand of lights down & he just says It's TOO Cold. They can wait for another day!**


Carmen said...

wow, looks like you are getting the same weather as we are here in pa! It was a pretty slick go on my way to work today.Are you still doing good with your pain? I was looking through your recipes, and that cream cheese dessert looks to die for!!!

Granny Sue said...

Pretty! It was quite a snowfall today, wasn't it?

Even in the country, I am still dodging lines in some of my photos. It's a shame that some of the best shots get ruined by power lines. But the power is nice to have!

Chickenista said...

So jealous! Just once I'd like to see snow fall and stay put! Here we have one mountain it snows on and believe me everyone in town rushes up to see its glory! So half the time the road up their is closed. Or you need chains but who in Tucson has those except on bicycles!