Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Pyramid & Daily Food Logs

My third grader is studying the food pyramid, vitamins & nutrients and food labels for Health this month. I say "month" because he is the world's pickiest eater and I think it will take the whole month for me to get it across to him just how important a balanced diet is. The rest of my bunch pretty much eats anything that I serve, but not this lil guy. He has the whole gag reflex thing going on and can ruin any dinner if he carries it out to the fullest extent.
There are so many free printables on the internet so I found quite a few to use with our studies. Pictured are his Health textbook and a Daily Nutrition Log that he is using to plan menus of foods that he will eat or learn to eat based on a balanced diet. Each time he eats I write it down on a seperate piece of paper so that he can see at the end of the day where he falls (or fails) according to the food pyramid for his age group. I truly hope to get through to him this month and greatly improve his diet. Wish me LUCK because I'm gonna need it!
Today is also his birthday so :)

Happy 9th Birthday!


gtyyup said...

I don't have kids...I do wish you luck on the diet thing...getting kids to eat right nowadays has got to be hard...Happy Birthday too to your son!

The Wife said...

Good luck and happy birthday!