Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sausage, Eggs, Tater Tots, Sour Cream & Relish

Sounds weird doesn't it?

That is what I thought the first time my brother-in-law fixed these for us. I had never had them and definitely wouldn't have thought to combine relish and sour cream with these. However, I finally gave in and tried them and I really liked them...sour cream and all!

Breakfast Burritos

1/2 a bag frozen tator tots
1 roll breakfast sausage
1 small onion diced or dried onion flakes
Green or red bell pepper, optional
5-7 eggs, beaten with a little milk
flour tortillas
cheddar cheese
Additional toppings: relish, sour cream, hot sauce etc.

In a large pan cook tater tots with onion & peppers.
Add a little water to the pan so they won't burn plus this makes them crumble up a little quicker. I place a lid on them too!
In another skillet, cook sausage till done and crumbled, drain.
Once the tots are cooked then you can add the sausage to the tater tot pan & give them a stir.
Beat eggs & milk and then pour over sausage/tot mixture.
Stir around and put lid back on.
Stir often and let cook till egg is done.
Warm tortillas.
Spoon mixture on tortillas and top with favorite toppings.
My favorite is cheddar cheese, sour cream & relish.
As I said, it sounds really gross but it's actually good.
Give it a try!

*This is a large recipe that feeds our family of 5 and also gives us some leftovers. You may want to cut it in half if you are feeding just a few.*

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gtyyup said...

No, I don't think that sounds bad at all...not so sure I'd do the relish as a condiment, but I kind of do the same breakfast burrito using hash browns instead of tater tots...same end result...we love them!