Monday, February 2, 2009

Heirloom Seeds & Wishing for Spring

I spent several hours on Friday looking & searching for seed companies to place my order with. I have always bought plants from our local nurseries or co-op and thought this year I would like to try my hand at starting them myself from seed. I was also looking for a tomato plant called (I think) West Virginia. It was an heirloom that I was able to find here locally & can no longer get. The only one I could find Friday was a West Virginia Hillbilly. We have tried this one too but really prefer the WV. Anyways, I ended up ordering from and can't wait for them to arrive so I can begin.
I'd like to ask any of my fellow blog readers to share with me their favorite seed companies that they like to order from. Maybe I can get a head start on getting catalogs for next year.

On another note:
The picture below just seems strange to me!
We had decent weather here (in the 50's) so I decided to take advantage & wash up some laundry & hang it out on the line. There is nothing better than hopping into bed with clean sheets that have been hung outside to dry. I love the smell! It just looks strange with 1-2 inches of ice & snow still on the ground. It is so sloppy outside with all the melting snow so I told my daughter to stay away from the clothesline so that she didn't knock them down or splash any mud up on them. ( You did know that full clotheslines attract any & all kids! They must run through them.)


Carmen said...

Your laundry looks awesome hanging out! makes me want to go strip my bed and do the same, but I have to go to work later and hubby would forget to bring it in, so I would have frozen ones, lol! Have a great day and I'm with you on the banana cake.. bring on the cream cheese!!!

ellysmom said...

You sure do remind me of someone??? Wonder who?? LOL She would be sooooooo proud!

LeatherneckJoe said...

I would suggest Garden Harvest Supply as a good online resource for heirloom seeds and also potted plants.

Deb said...

I love the smell of line dried laundry :)

I love Johnny's Seeds and Pinetree Garden Seeds.
I have a local seed supply house where I can go (Allen, Sterling & Lothrop)not sure they ship but they do have a catalog. I scoop my seeds out of bins into paper bags and weight out what I want - it's the greatest way to get seeds for the garden. Plus they have everything else you can possibly imagine for a gardener - I love shopping there!
Good luck with your veggies - I'm anxious as well.....

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Drying your laundry by hanging it up is great. I stopped using my dryer about a year ago. I now use a clothes drying rack not only do my clothes smell fresher. I have found the elastic in my socks and undies last longer.

Your baby is beautiful. Our daughter always used to fall asleep in her high chair.