Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Printable Worksheets for School

Well here is the list of free printable worksheet links that I use quite often. It's a long list so get ready. Lot's of great stuff though! These are listed in no particular order. I love them all!

A few of the links above may be a pay site but they also offer some free printables too!

The links below are PAY sites. These are the ones that I do pay for and think they are well worth it. They average between $20 & $30 per year.

I hope you all can get some use from these links!


Chickenista said...

THANX!! You found some great ones!! I just made the kids smiley face word searches for the states and capitals. (on the Actually the only reason I stopped was I ran out of ink! LOL You can get lost in these sites. Off to the store now!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

WOW!!! As a former teacher I must say these are wonderful. Aren't you sweet to share!


Carmen said...

Hey girl, I bet all the homeschooling folks will really appreciate you sharing these... Have a great day!!!

Chickenista said...

If you can believe it, I'm finally done with your site! All day long I've been clicking the links. Thanks so much again. It's nice to have a home school momma buddy.☺

Country Whispers said...

So happy these were useful for you. I'm always in search for great sites and freebies for homeschooling.