Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden of MUD

My veggie garden now looks more like a MUD garden after the past few days of rain. We haven't had any rain today but there are still puddles everywhere. Here are my potatoes that are going to rot at the rate things are going.


My peas are coming up nicely, however they seem to be growing in little patches. Two or three plants and then nothing for the next few spots. I need to get in there and plant some more seeds here and there. (and pull a few weeds)


Our corn was planted about 2 weeks ago and it is popping up now too.


Here are my tomatoes. They still sit indoors just waiting to be planted. The ground needs to be tilled again before I plant them and with all this rain that we have been getting it may be July before it dries out enough. I shouldn't complain because I'm sure that later this summer we will be dry as a bone and wishing for the rain.


On another note, I may take a few days off here and there. I haven't been cooking a bunch lately so I don't really have many new recipes to share. I have a few but don't have pictures to display. (Dummy me :0) My sister in law showed me how to make a great beef sandwich this past weekend. I took a picture when we were preparing them but forgot to take a finished pic before we started eating. (Where was my head?)

I can tell you that my head as well as my kids have been stuck in books lately--school books that is. We are trying to wrap up things for this school year so I have been kinda extra busy this week. I have two more Pay-It-Forwards to finish before the first of June so that is next on my list. Along with those I have had about 4 email requests for purses so I have got to get moving. There is just so much to do in a days worth of time and just not enough hours in the day. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do and right now I gotta go teach. (Don't worry! I teach them better English than this :)
Have a great day and a super Mother's Day Weekend!


Carmen C. said...

You will need some good muck boots to get in your garden, lol! Plants look good to me! We can't put ours in for a couple more weeks here:( Hope you have a lovely Mother's day!

Buttercup said...

We finally got some sun this afternoon and what a treat. Sending it your way.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well, all that rain will make nice juicy vegetables!

Wow, you got four orders! That's wonderful!

Granny Sue said...

Our garden looks about the same. But the weekend is looking up. Did you see that full moon last night?

Janet, said...

Well, I must say your garden looks a lot better than ours. Until yesterday the only thing we had planted was potatoes. The few tiny plants that have sprouted have already attracted potato bugs! I put boots on about a week ago to kill a few of the bugs I saw and sunk down at least 8inches. My boots got stuck, I lost my balance, fell over in the mud and had to leave my boots behind and walk out of the garden barefoot. If my son wasn't so busy laughing at me, he could have got the camera and took a picture.