Monday, May 18, 2009

Washed Out Weekend

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Little Katie wants to play!

There was grass to be cut and a garden to be worked but the clouds dumped buckets of rain on us this weekend.

We had several rain storms that passed through on Saturday and they seemed to last forever with hard pounding rain.

I was doing my BIG once-a-month shopping during one of the storms and decided to slow down a bit because there was no way I was going outside to load the truck with groceries in that mess. While I was driving home I noticed that a few of the roads had been blocked off due to high water.
We put groceries away and took a walk to snap some pictures.

This little bridge right down the street from my house quickly got clogged with debris and came spilling out the sides.


The city workers showed up with their equipment so the kids wanted to watch as they cleared the debris.


We had one more shower after that and then it finally cleared out. Here is Katie playing on the front porch during the last storm. She was being a drummer beating on her drum as well as the columns, siding and anything else she could use.


By Sunday, the ground was still way too soggy to cut grass so we worked on getting the kid's fort all cut up and stacked. (They never got the fort finished and seemed to lose interest in it so it was time to get rid of it.) We got most off it cut up and stacked to be used as firewood in the firepit. As we were doing this I told Mark that some of the pieces were the perfect size for some crafts like simple signs and little name blocks. Not that I will get the time to make any, but it's there if I do.

Well I better get a going and get the kids up and moving.

I'll be back later today to catch up on all of your blogs.

Enjoy your day!


Carmen C. said...

Ugghhh! Too much rain in your nice lil' neighborhood!! We had a beautiful sunny day here yesterday, but highs only in the 50's, then last night it got down to the upper 20's! Very unusual for this part of may. I had to cover the strawberries and rose bushes last night. Your daughter is so cute...dosen't look like the rain dampened her spirits:)

The Wife said...

That is a lot of rain! Luckily it rained just a little on Saturday. A cold front came thru and the weather has been awesome.

lisa said...

WOW you sure had alot of rain...We had alot of rain on Thursday and Friday and it was real hard rain. It pounded the vegetables that were in the ground...My seedlings are getting to look bad that need planting. We had frost sunday morning..I covered most of the plants so I saved them..This week we are having warmer weather and hopefully things will begin to dry out and grow...I'm sure I will be complaining down the road later this summer when there is no rain..Stay dry and have a wonderful week. Lisa

Stacey said...

Hey there! I have not forgotten about you, promise. :) Everytime I look at that beautiful pillow, I think of you and how sweet of a friend that I have. :) Things around here have been so busy that I have not even had the chance to get on the computer at all. It is good to be able to catch up on some blogs that I have missed for a few weeks. :) Thank you for the prayers, we needed them and are still in need of them. :)

Hugs and blessings,

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yer neighborhood is so lovely, like an emerald with those beautiful lawns! But that is just TOO MUCH rain!!!