Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Lonely Sunflower

Just one little lonely sunflower stands in the middle of my garden.

My garden of weeds that is!

We have been gone for 10 days and boy did the weeds ever take over.

I picked some tomatoes but it looks like the blight is starting in on them so I'm not sure how many I will get this year.


This years corn is the tallest I have ever seen. It stands at about 10 feet tall. The ears are slowly coming on so we will see. If nothing else I will have it to use for decoration this fall.


I lost my first batch of green beans so I planted another round and they are blooming now.


Last but not least, I have never grown cucumbers or squash and gotten anything from them. Last year something got to the roots and they all died. This year I have both and they are doing well. I have lil' cucumbers on the vine and blooms on the squash.


We also have pumpkins & several kinds of peppers, eggplant & sweet potatoes, basil & chives.

This fall I am going to fertilize well and add mulch and hopefully next years garden will do better.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Grass and weeds take over so fast. But looks like at least some of the crops are doing well! I see pickles!

Carmen C. said...

Your corn looks amazing! I love the lone sunflower, did you plant a bunch that didn't come up, or did that just grow there by chance? I want sunflowers next year! We had our first beans from the garden yesterday, had to fight with all the japanese beetles to get to them, I HATE the jap. beetles!!!!

Granny Sue said...

Your plants look sturdy and healthy, Jessica, and since your blight is starting late your plants might make it through. Love the pics of the beans in bloom and the baby cucumbers.

A neighbor down the road pulled all the blighted leaves off his tomatoes and the plants look a lot better. Larry is working on ours now in hopes that it might slow down the blight.

Nancy M. said...

Most things seem to be doing really well, especially since you've been gone for awhile!

Ours is mostly done now, but I still have some corn, which I hope will produce.

Buttercup said...

Love seeing your garden. Hoping that lots of yummy things come out of it.

Steph said...

Our squash is finally through, but we still have a little okra, and we're getting purple hull peas out the wazoo!

Country Whispers said...

That sunflower came up on it's own. I threw all of the old flower head in that spot last year and I evidently get all the seeds out of them first.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey JJ! An added note to your cucumbers and your zucks...put newspaper or cardboard under them and it will help them not turn yellow on one side! Take this from the wiser JJ!

Kritter Keeper said...

glad to see your cukes are doing well. we got a few but husband planted the wrong kind and it has too much seed. i have a lone sunflower too that a bird planted.

gtyyup said...

Gardening is always such a challenge. Soil types are a big issue for me I think. Some things grow wonderfully (tomatoes) and others (zucchini) have issues. Then of course there's the dang varmints too. But, whatever we get sure tastes good!