Monday, August 10, 2009

We're HOME!

Here is our kids sitting in front of my Mother-in-Law's house just before we left to return home. We have been out of town for about a week and a half and it is great to be back HOME!

Home now and there is lots to do like unpacking,cutting the grass, working in the garden,grocery shopping, bill paying, laundry & if all that wasn't enough football practice begins today. So why did I say it was great to be back home?

Well the answer to that would simply be that regardless of the hassles/chores/schedules of home.... There is No Place Like Home!

We stayed with my BIN & SIL while packing up all of my mother-in-laws belongings. It has been just over a month since she passed away and it just seems unreal to walk into her house and her not be there.
There was lots of work to do but we also enjoyed the time spent with family. Most evenings we could be found at the pond attempting to catch fish.
I say attempting because some of us (ME) were not very successful.
However, my oldest son was. Here he is with a small bass.
And here is a catfish that he caught. After catching this one, the race was on! He and his Dad were determined to get the BIG one.

Gage on the other hand, just sat back patiently waiting on a bite and if he wasn't doing that then he was waiting for someone else to catch one so he could take it off the hook.
Everyone enjoyed themselves!
Katie kept herself busy on the walking paths behind the house and playing with the neighbor girls.
Nature Girl

A nice change of pace from our everyday life but happy to be home!

It may take me another day or two before I get back into the full swing of things with my blogging but I will be back. I also have lots of catching up to do with all of your blog posts to read.
Enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

yay jess we got home what 3 days ago and we are still so tired lol

Steph said...

Welcome Back! :)

Carmen C. said...

Glad your home and WOW!....What a catfish! My son would be envious to see that, he dosen't have much luck with catfishing. Glad the kids had some fun in amongst the unpleasant reason for the trip:)

Cheryl said...

Welcome home. Sorry about your mother-in-law. Cleaning behind them is really hard.

Weeee, huge fish ....WTG

gtyyup said...

Welcome back and I know the feeling! It's always good to be back home.

Very sorry to hear about your MIL's passing. Blessings and prayers for your family.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I have a little catfish in our aquarium, but he (or she) is only about 1 inch long...that one is BIG! But you know, they look just alike!

Glad you are back. It is very hard to go into the house when a loved one dies. It brings it home very hard, like a punch in the stomach.

Looking forward to your interesting posts in the coming days!

Andora said...

Sorry about your mil,it is very hard to go to their home and them not be there.

looks like it was a very nice place to visit..and what a fish..

Anonymous said...
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