Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Morning and an Alabama Package

I'm rather late today in adding a post to my blog but this morning has been a busy one.

I canned another batch of salsa this morning and then went out and cleared some more of the garden off. I believe my tomatoes are just about done for the season. I still have green beans, peppers, zucchini and sugar pumpkins growing and of course I'm saving my cornstalks for fall decorating.
I also put a crockpot meal together so that we could have a decent dinner after football tonight and I baked a dessert for afterwards. I will be sharing those recipes later if they pass my families taste test.
Now on to the package!
I received a package yesterday from Alabama! To be exact it came from Stephanie over at http://thelifeofafarmerswife.blogspot.com/.
Remember, she recently had a giveaway and I was the lucky winner!
We couldn't wait to open it up to see what she had sent.
There was a t-shirt, pecan cookies that were oh so good, grape soda, BBQ potato chips as well as Dill chips, cotton ( they are cotton farmers), apple butter, a loaf of sourdough bread, Red Diamond tea bags and a bottle of yellow syrup.
I thought the cotton was cool! We don't grow cotton in the north so this was something that I had never seen. The other thing I had never seen or tasted was the yellow syrup. She suggested eating it on biscuits so I will have to give it a try.
Thanks Stephanie! We all enjoyed your package.
Now, I thought the idea of having a giveaway of state-made products or even items that your state is well known for was a neat & different idea.
So...I'm rapidly approaching my 200th post and if I can come up with enough state items that I can easily ship then I may borrow Stephanie's idea and have a giveaway myself so you better stay tuned. :0)
Have a great day!


Granny Sue said...

What a nice package! I'd like to try the yellow syrup too--I wonder what it's made from?

We grew cotton once. It has a really long growing season so we barely made it--just a few plants to see how it did. We mae some neat Christmas ornaments with it.

Where in Alabama is Stephanie? I'll be telling ghost stories in Athens on October 30th.

Nancy M. said...

What a neat idea for a giveaway! I hope you enjoy your prize!

Steph said...

Yay! Looks like everything arrived in one piece! Glad I could send you a couple of things that you have never seen before! :)

Carmen C. said...

Oh my goodness...Shhhhh...don't tell, but you know what? My 200th post came and went and I didn't even think about it! I'll have to do something for fall maybe! Thats quite the goodie box you got there:)

Cheryl said...

A wonder give-a-way package, something every one can enjoy!