Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Lights and a Sneak Peek!

Thought I'd share a few photos of some of our Christmas decorations!

We decorated outside a few weeks ago while the weather was still warm and I am glad because it's a bit chilly now. I know these are a bit blurry but maybe you can still get a feel for the views that we settle down with each night during the holiday season.


This little tree sits in our bedroom on a bookshelf. Right next to it is the candle and pear that I won over at Carmen's and yes Carmen the candle is still in the wrapper. It looks and smells so pretty that I hate to even burn it. ☺


I made this Santa about 10 years ago. We made these as well as snowmen and sold them at a craft fair. They sold great! So great that I never kept one for myself. This one was made & given to my mother-in-law. We found it while going through her belongings this summer so I thought I'd bring him back home with me.

*Note to myself--make a few more but prim them up a bit!*


Well that's all for now but here's a sneak peek at what I'll be posting about on Monday. I had a helper in the kitchen today. Can you guess what he was making?



Carmen C. said...

Oh my gosh your tree is wonderful!!!! Everything looks great & I LOVE that santa:) Might your kitchen helper be making cookies of some sort???????

Buttercup said...

Your house and blog look wonderful. Love the gingerbread folks. Too cute!

Deb said...

Your decorations are beautiful... You were clever to put your outside ones on when it was warm.

Your blog is very festive and always looks lovely :)

I'm anxious to get some of my decorations out - hopefully soon :)

Maine-ly Me said...

Love your tree...what a cozy spot for it!

Kritter Keeper said...

your tree is very very beautiful!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Your tree is beautiful - I rec'd your message and will get your "giveaway" in the mail... Have a great Sunday - Monday is on the way!

The Wife said...

Great decorations. Love them! I will have to get mine done pretty soon. I love Christmas!

Nancy M. said...

Your blog looks so festive! I love the decorations you have up! Is he making cookies?

Fit & Flabless said...

Oh! I know what he's making! I know! ('cuz you told me) But mums the word. :):) Your tree is lovely; it fits in that corner just right. Ya know....that cute little Santa would make an awesome Christmas gift for your SIL......or a Birthday present. HINT HINT. :):)