Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little R & R !

It's the day after Thanksgiving and the start of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

I am finishing our week off by taking some time for myself. Just enjoying the things that I love.

Our Christmas tree is decorated and the carols are playing.
We even have snowflakes in the air.
The feel of the season is here!

I'm relaxing while stitching some presents and watching Hallmark movies. There are leftovers so no cooking today and no cleaning. Just R & R!
I'll be back on Monday all refreshed and rested.
It will be time to dig out our favorite holiday recipes and let the baking begin or maybe I should say the candy making begin!
I'll save the cookies for closer to Christmas.

Have a great weekend!


Granny Sue said...

Now that sounds like a nice day--and a well-deserved rest.

Sandra said...

We put our tree up too. We also are having leftovers tonight. The girls and I went shopping today. I wish I could say we had snow flakes, but we don't and won't!! It is our tradition to watch Elf on the day after Thanksgiving, so that is what we'll be doing tonight.

Beth at Mehitable Puddington's Cupboard said...

It sounds like an ideal day! :)

Carmen C. said...

You deserve some R&R! Can't wait to see what candy & goodies you make:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Have a great few days before the holiday bustle begins..... Hey you were a winner in my Holiday Giveaway -- Congrats... send me an email to: so I can make arrangements to get it to you! Happy Holidays! Leah

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

As hard as you work homeschooling and cooking and cleaning, I'm glad you are getting some R and R! But I notice you aren't idle even during rest -- those stitcheries take effort!!!