Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar Creek and Decking the Halls

This past week has been a bit busy.

We went to Sugar Creek, Ohio one day with my Mom while she was on vacation from work. I took my camera but didn't get many good photos. Would have loved to get some pics inside some of the little shops that we went through but I'm sure the owners wouldn't have appreciated that.

I only got a few of some quiet Amish farms and a couple buggies.


Feeding Time at the goat pen!



This next photo was taken from the parking lot of my favorite restuarant. If you look in the center field (hard to see) there is a man plowing his field with horse and plow. Their simplicity just amazes me!


Their simple ways and slow paced lives seem so relaxed and peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of our lives.

After filling our bellies we headed back out to browse through all the little shops they offer.
A fun getaway for the day!

The weekend was spent doing a little shopping, my monthly stock-up plus a little Christmas shopping with my Mom.
We also thought we would get a head start on the Christmas decorating while the weather was nice. It's usually so cold and windy when we decorate so I thought it would be nice while it was warm. A little too warm though, it doesn't feel like the holiday season when you can wear shorts outside. At least not for our neck of the woods!

We got it all done though, tree and all!
I figure if you are going to put all the effort into decorating then you might as well be able to enjoy it for a good while but by the day or two after Christmas I'll be ready to take it all down. :)

Today it was back to the ol' grind with school.
*Mondays are always so fun. :( *

This afternoon we walked over to see the funeral procession of the local soldier (recently killed in Afghanistan) as he was taken to his final resting place.
A sad event but one that I felt my children would see and remember.

A lesson in courage and bravery... loyalty and respect...pride and patriotism.


This coming weekend also promises to be full and busy.

Friday evening is the annual Wheeling Christmas Parade as well as Wheeling's Christmas in November Art & Craft Show at the Wesbanco Arena all weekend long. A great place for crafts, food and fun.

On Saturday we have the Moundsville Christmas Parade and then that evening a special treat for ME!

Collin Raye and Restless Heart in concert!!!!

My cousin called me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would go with her and of course I said YES!

Well that's all for now. I'm off to get the kiddos bathed and ready for bed.
I do have a few recipes to share this week and soon I will be breaking out our favorite cookie and candy recipes as the holiday baking season approaches.

Have a great evening!


Carmen C. said...

Looks like a fun trip:) I put some of my Christmas stuff out, not the tree yet, maybe this weekend.

Buttercup said...

What fun things going on. I decided today I'd put out my snowman collection next Monday at the office. I so enjoy them and definitely want an extra week.

Sandra said...

I LOVE the Amish ways. One of the things I have come to realize more and more that they believe, is how technology really hurts us instead of helping us. It seems so many people would rather sit there with their cell phones texting or calling someone than talking to the person right in front of them. Even though the Amish are always busy, they never look rushed as most do.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh my, you are so cute. I like your "might as well be able to enjoy it for awhile" remark!!! How true, how true.

I am glad you turned out for the funeral procession of the fallen soldier. How very sad a time but no doubt it was balm to the parents' hearts to see townspeople honoring their son and his sacrifice.

Nancy M. said...

Great pictures! It sounds like an awesome trip! I've never been to any Amish communities.

It doesn't seem like it's time for a Christmas parade already! It does need to be a little colder to get in the spirit.

Anonymous said...

Your ironic sense of humor comes across in your writing, I bet it gets you through a lot! :)
It's sounds like you two enjoyed yourselves, that's great.
What lovely landscapes, thanks so much for the photos!

Marie said...

I would love to have been able to go with you on your trip. The Amish farms are so pretty and neat. I enjoy reading novels that are written with the Amish people as their subjects.
Weather permitting, we have friends coming for lunch on Friday and they are going to do our outside Christmas decorations. We have a neighbor who has already beat us to it.
Thanks for the pork chop recipe.
Also thanks for the great recipe.