Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

Brrr...It's cold and snowy out there!

We only got about 5 inches here in town but the surrounding hilltops got anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half of snow and it is so pretty to look at.

Saturday morning we got up and began shoveling and plowing. It was a HEAVY wet snow with almost an inch of a wet slush/ice combo on the bottom. Once we got everything cleared off we headed inside where I have pretty much stayed since.

Did I mention that it's really cold out there?

I did venture out to the store and to get my hair permed but that was about it. My hopes of enjoying the weekend while sewing did not happen. I did change my blog around a bit. You'll notice that my header is HUGE. I have tried all weekend to make it smaller but have failed each time so I have given up. The way it is will have to do for now or until I find something else that I like better. My husband thinks I'm nuts for putting spring up so early but I told him I need some sunshine and brightness.

I may have no control of the weather outside but I do have control of my blog weather and it's gonna be sunny and warm for quite some time. :0)

Schools were cancelled today so I'm planning on using the day to work on cutting out my quilt pieces.
It's also my Dad's 57th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!) today so I will be cooking a dinner for us all to have as we gather for a birthday party later this evening.

I better get off here. If I don't then my day will be gone with nothing accomplished.
Stay toasty & warm!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo my snowy friend!

Looks so pretty. What a lovely view you have, I would never get tired of looking at that mountain (we are totally flat out here, so I'm calling that a mountain!!!).

I can easily reduce your header for you. You can also reduce it by adding in a bit of HTML code, too. The original would stay large, but it would be displayed at "whatever" percent.

I think it's a lovely header, so pretty and I too am ready for SPRING!

West Side of Straight said...

Seems like everyone is getting their share of snow this year! Happy Birthday to your Dad and have a great day and birthday supper!

Carmen C. said...'s SPRING! I love it, I'm so tired of the cold and snow!!! Happy Birthday to your Dad, hope you all enjoy the celebration:)

Nancy M. said...

Spring looks great in your header! The snow does look beautiful in pictures, though! Tell your dad Happy Birthday from me!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes that is WV with that big ole hill in the background.