Thursday, February 18, 2010

Starting Over & a Stitchery Pattern Link

Remember a week or so ago I posted about beginning a new quilt.

Well I began!

I cut out the pieces for 1 block . (Each block is made up of 4 smaller blocks.)

I sewed the small blocks together by hand and then layed them out to stitch together to make 1 big block.

But wait...

The pattern doesn't look like it should. I had two colors that were backwards. The red and beige needed reversed. (Yet I followed the directions and the pattern.)

I ripped the stitches out and then sewed them together again.

Looks good but when I lay it down and look at the original pattern it is still not right.

Do you ever get so excited about doing a project only to be frustrated by mistakes?

Well that is where I was at after ripping the stitches out not once, but twice and it still didn't match.

So to make myself feel better I simply threw the blocks in the garbage.

Ahhh....that felt better.

Now I still have 6 yards of fabric that I really wanted to make something with so I decided to draw up my own quilt pattern. Just a plain and simple square pattern that I should be able to sew with no problems. I'll take a picture and share it with you tomorrow.

Now on to the stitchery link!

I found this new site (or shall I say it's new to ME!) over the weekend while I was sorting through my patterns. It's called The Noble Wife and she has several cute freebie patterns as well as patterns you can purchase for wool pins, quilts and more. Be sure to check her out.


Carmen C. said...

I'm sorry to hear of your problems , but I LOVE that combination of colors, and maybe going with your own pattern it will be easier! I'm no good with patterns of any kind, I usually do better on my own:)

lisa said...

You crack me up...I pile the ones I get frustrated with..Maybe I should do what you do..It might be a better for me to start another design..Can't wait to see what you designed..Lisa

Sandra said...

I love those colors and that pattern. What is the name of it? I've been buying 2 yards of each kind of fabric I like until I can find a pattern I like, and I really like that one. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors Jessica!

Pamela (WV) OH

Callie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pattern! That's what I want... a plain and simple pattern. I'm a new quilter and a bit frightened of all the patterns.

Marie said...

Jessica, does it work out good doing the paper piece by hand. I have used the sewing machine and really did not want to get it out again.