Friday, February 19, 2010

Only 350 More to Go...

before I can sit down and start sewing them all together to make my quilt.

I have all the colored blocks cut and ready to go but I had to find some more fabric to fill in the background or white spots on my pattern.

After getting so frustrated with the last pattern I decided to just sew simple squares.
I didn't want to just sew them in any random order because I have already done that many times before. I looked through patterns and didn't see anything that sparked me so I decided to just draw my own.

I laid in bed one evening before drifting off to sleep and sketched this pattern on graph paper. Once I had the correct size I began coloring in the squares. I can't wait to get started on it. I'm still undecided as to whether to hand-stitch the whole thing or use the sewing machine.

The sewing machine would be much quicker but with homeschooling I don't really have the free time through the day to work on it and I never get my machine out during the evening. That time is usually spent downstairs with the rest of the family.
So we will just have to see which comes first....opportunity to work through the day or a boring evening with time to sit and stitch.

Schools are finally open today for the first time since Feb. 4th.( on a 2 hr. delay though) I'm sure it will be more of a wasted day since it's a short day plus it's a Friday. I guess it's a day though that they can say that they WERE there even if they don't learn much. :(
Maybe they will finish up old lessons and tests from several weeks ago, although my guess is that the kids will be a bit rusty after all this time off.
They are calling for more snow on Monday so I'll be curious to see if they have school or we start this whole SNOW day thing all over again. I hope not!
This has been such a different winter for us with all this continuous snow and cold temperatures.
Good news though, yesterday some of the ice and snow on the rooftops began to melt which is wonderful because so many people are having trouble with leaks stemming from all of this ice build-up.

Well we're off to the Library for a bit.
Hope you all enjoy the weekend and I''ll be back later to catch up with all of you!


Carmen C. said...

WOW that's alot of squares! I bet it will be a beautiful quilt though when it's finished and hope you enjoy the weekend:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the end result.
What a pain this winter has been for some of you.
The students and teachers will be making up snow days until it's time to start school again if the weather doesn't ease up. I hear your frustration!!! :(

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Yes, by the time I get my machine out, set up, and sew, then closed up and put away, I think I actually could have done more stitching by hand!

I hope spring will arrive soon in your area! You need it!!! But I guess those awful winters are what make the rest of the year so lovely where you are.

Callie said...

Wonderful! I think it is so great that you have made your own pattern. I love the material and colors you have chosen.