Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Things Ready For Planting Time

This weekend was awesome!
Nothing fabulous happened but the weather was super and that in its self is reason enough for me to be happy.
We spent the whole day Saturday out back digging up the garden. My husband ran the tiller while Katie and I walked behind picking up any pieces of glass or stone that he turned up.
After dinner we finished by placing a fence all around it so as to keep the varmits out. (The pesky rabbits and our 2 dogs.) It's a little ugly to look at but it does the job and on a rainy day like today it will help to cut down on the muddy paw prints crossing over my kitchen floor.
I was reading the Farmer's Almanac over the weekend as I was thinking about what and when to plant. I have a friend whose father has always relied on the Almanac to tell him what days were best for planting and I'm curious to know if a particular day actually makes a difference.
So how do you all plant? Do you go by the Almanac or do you just plant any old time after the threat of a freeze is over? Just curious to see what your thoughts are!
I may plant some potatoes soon but that is about it for now. I'll have to wait till the warmer weather decides to stick around for good.

That's about it for our weekend. We spent the majority of it outdoors soaking up the sun.
We did manage to get a bike ride in each day as well as a 3 mile walk last night.
Today is a bit on the rainy side even though the sun is trying to shine here at the moment.
Don't know that I will get a bike ride in today but maybe if the rain holds off I can squeeze another walk in.
For now I am off to begin schoolwork. I'll be back tomorrow with who knows what.
I'm still working on my Annie doll which by the way I am renaming Messed Up Molly.
Does that give you any idea of how well that project is going???
I also made another chocolate treat to share with you sometime as well as killer onion rings.
What a combo, huh?
Catch you all later!


Carmen C. said...

OH how I LOoooove onion rings:D
Our weekend was beautiful too, I got my romaine and endive planted for the bunnies, but the rest we have to wait till mid may here to plant. I want to expand my garden beyond the beds this year so we need to go rototiller shopping:)Your plot looks lovely!! enjoy your day sweetie!!!

Goodwife said...

Hi Jessica! Glad you had a great weekend! I don't plant by the sign or anything. For me it's stressful enough trying to find a dry enough window to get the garden in! I just put on lots of poop and work it in in the fall. Then in the spring as soon as it's dry enough to work, The Paintiff works the garden up. Then once it's warm enough, we start planting! We could have potatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, beets, lettuce and other cool weather crops in right now, but it's too darned wet! :)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

You gave me a big laugh with the new name for your dolly!!! Messed Up Molly -- I bet she will be cute!

The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

We have already planted our potatoes, onions, radishes and beets. My hubby likes to have his potatoes in by St. Patricks day. He goes by the almanac and it has always worked for him. You can see pictures of 2 of our square foot gardens on my blog.

It is a lot of fun plus the rewards are great too.

Happy Gardening!!!

Nancy M. said...

I tried to plant my corn by the signs last year. But, it didn't seem to make any difference. My parents used to plant by the farmers almanac, but I haven't. I'm sure Messed Up Molly, will be precious!

Sandra said...

We are planting by the signs this year to see if it makes a difference. We have always just planted when we could. I too am ready for the gardening season.