Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Balls of Hail!

Yesterday afternoon we had a few rain showers pass through our area and near the end of it all we got a big and noisy surprise. There was thunder but that's not the noise that I'm talking about.
I'm talking HAIL!
A hail storm like I've never seen before.
We get hail here in our neck of the woods but it's usually mixed in with rain and is only about the size of a pea. Not this time though!
These huge ice balls were bouncing everywhere. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and had to get off because we couldn't even hear each other over the sound of all the hail ricocheting off of everything.
It started out small but just kept getting bigger. By the end of the storm we had hail the size of quarters to just under golf ball size.
My husband arrived home from work just as the heavy stuff started and he chose to wait it out inside the car rather than make a made dash for the house.
Can't say I blame him. These pictures make it look just like it was snowing but trust me this version of the white stuff sure packed a punch.
When it was all over with we were left with 2 beautiful rainbows that looked as if they ended at the top of our street. Too bad there really isn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because it was close enough that I could have gotten to it.


Sandra said...

WOW! Those almost look like golf balls! Those rainbows are just beautiful.

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

we had hail too, but nothing like that! wowza!! hey at least you got pretty rainbows :)

Granny Sue said...

Wow. I hope the hail didn't damage your car? I'd heard that you were predicted to get a hailstorm, but boy did you get one. The rainbow is lovely, Jessica. What strange weather!

Lynn said...

Beautiful rainbow! I don't like hailstorms either. We get some the sizes like you shared on your blog sometimes. Definately can do a bunch of damage to one's vehicle, that's for sure! Our Toyota is proof of that! We're having Tornado season arriving our way soon, and I'm definately not looking forward to them either! We were in the May 3rd, 1999 Tornado that went through here in OKC, and I hope to never be in another one ever again if possible! We do have a tornado shelter in our garage, which we've used several times over the years that we've lived in our home.

Have a great Tuesday!


Carmen C. said...

Those are some awesome rainbows, and that is some big hail, glad it didn't do any damage:)

Levijane said...

Beautiful Rainbows. God is quite the artist wouldn't you agree?

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hon, check your roof! We had a storm here in Midland last year, with similar sized balls (mixed in with bigger ones) and it destroyed 90% of the roofs in town. They are just now finishing up the last of the roofs.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Good grief those huge things would knock you out or really hurt. Did it dent up your cars? Love the double rainbow!

West Side of Straight said...

What a good double rainbow! Good thing you didn't get another 2 feet of snow! I don't like hail either- always a worry about damage to vehicles and windows.

Nancy M. said...

That is some big hail! I hope it didn't damage anything!