Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Hunting They Will Go

Here we have a team of two armed with paper, pencil and a few buckets.
But what could they be hunting?
Could it be Easter Eggs?
NO's too early for the Easter Bunny!

It's a scavenger hunt!!

We finished school early yesterday so I sent both of them outside with this list.
They were to work together to find an object that started with each letter of the alphabet.
As you can see they had a hard time finding anything for the letters K,Q,U & X.
They had fun though and asked if they could do it again. We'll just have to do it in a different place and see what new things they will come up with.
This idea came from a game that they had received for Christmas.
It's a really fun game to play with your family and I say your family because you may not want just anyone searching through your house and belongings to locate some of these items.
(striped t-shirt, coins, something blue and so forth.)
The best part of this game (from a parents point of view) is that to win the game you must not only find all the items and bring them to me but you must also return them all to their original spot before you can actually be declared the WINNER.
Great Idea, huh!
The kids love to play this and I'm always happy because the pile of treasures that they have found and placed before me always gets picked up without a big fuss. It's the fastest that I have ever seen them move to pick anything up.
What a way to MOTIVATE!


Carmen C. said...

I love the scavenger hunt idea! What a great way to learn while having FUN! That game sounds like fun too:) I am so enjoying my body wash and lotion every night and all my other goodies!!!!!

Sandra said...

I've never heard of that game but it sounds like fun! And what a good idea for them to find things to go with the letters of the alphabet! You could also do that idea with holdiays too and just have them find things to go with each letter of the holiday! I'm going to look that game up.

Goodwife said...

What fun! We may do a nature scavenger hunt some day.....:)

Steph said...

Well that seems neat! I might buy that game for myself, lol.

Nancy M. said...

What a fun idea! I need to do that with my son!