Monday, April 12, 2010

Relaxing Weekend~A Finish and some Sprucing Up

The dogs had the right idea this weekend. Just sit back and chill out! The weather was super ~ not too hot nor too cold!
Just right to grab a good book and find a warm sunny spot outdoors to sit and read the day away.
I did manage to get a few things done in between all my reading but not much.
I finished this pillow that I started over a year ago. It has been stitched for quite a while but it needed to be made into something. So that something was a pillow that now lays on top of my bed.

The only other thing that I did was some sprucing up out front of the house. It's been a few years since I replaced the mulch around my hostas and it was beginning to look pretty shabby to I decided to add some new before the hostas took over. Before long they will be so big that you won't even be able to see much of that mulch.

Other than that I got the house all cleaned up and ready for a new work week (school week). We were off a week for Spring Break and with all this nice weather nobody wants to return to school but we have to. It won't be much longer though and school will be over. Yeah!

I have been given a few awards (tags) lately and really need to sit down and get them posted and passed on. For one of them I need to post 10 things about me that you may not know and I'm having a real hard time coming up with 10 things that I haven't already told you all about myself.
I also have a few recipes to share so I need to just sit down and type them up.
Well I've rambled on long enough. I will be back tomorrow with a yummy steak rub. I'm not a big steak person but I could learn to be if every steak tasted as good as yesterdays did.


Carmen C. said...

Your front lawn looks beautiful and love the look on the dogs, like they are daydreaming of a nice romp in a cool river, LOL!!!

West Side of Straight said...

Such nice dogs! Cute pillow. I haven't enbroidered for years. Don't think I'd remember all the stitches to do. Have a great week.

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Love the new pillow. I got a heap of stitcheries waiting to be turned into something.

Beth at Mehitable Puddington's Cupboard said...

I looked at the photo of your precious pups and look like they would make great characters for a children's book! :)
What is it about reading outside that is so awesome? I keep wanted to go to a park or somewhere and just read...but it is so cold. Yesterday I took a quilt, went out on the deck, bundled myself up and starting reading my library book about 14th century Britain. I should have put gloves on, but other than that it was a great hour spent.
Happy beginning of the work week!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I really love that embroidered pillow.

It's hard to do schooling when the weather is so pretty and spring is in the air!

Nancy M. said...

The doggies are cute! That's what I like to do, just lay around, lol!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

What have I been doing... I feel terrible... awhile back I reorganized my blog and I'm not quite use to it yet.... I've been missing out on your blog for a couple of weeks.... Looks like you've been busy and I'm coming back to visit the Menu Planning and see if I can come up with some new stuff.... Makes me hungry!

Andora said...

pretty sound like me,I have had a quilt top started for years but never get around to finishing it...I just planted a bunch of hostas,I guess I need to put mulch around them to...yours looks great...