Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I know I said that I would post more about my adventure in rugmaking today but it will have to wait till tomorrow.


Well the time that I could have been working on my rug yesterday was instead spent working in the garden.
These dirty little birds (Starlings) have stripped many of my tomato plants of their leaves as well as swooped in and plucked two of my three zucchini plants right out of the ground. They have also ruined some of the pepper plants too!

Only two stems still standing. All the leaves are gone.
Now what I would like to do is to get the BB gun and have target practice with the lil' boogers however they have nests of babies nearby and besides that's just cruel.
Instead I went to Walmart and bought some netting, cut it into squares and pushed it overtop of the stakes so that it would drape over the plants.
The garden is one big mudhole with all the rain we have been getting. I sunk in spots clear way up to my ankles. It kind of felt like walking in quicksand. You just kept sinking.

I now need to go buy more zucchini plants and replant a few tomatoes. I'm also going to cut up an old bicycle innertube into strips and then lay the strips out in the garden. We did this last year and it did help to keep the birds out. I guess they see them and think that they are snakes so they leave everything be.

I'll leave these little tents on the plants till they get a bit bigger. Once they grow the birds don't even seem to bother them.
 I also saw another deer walking down the middle of the road this morning when I got up at six. I can't believe they are sticking around so much. They usually aren't seen that much until fall arrives and they come for these apples on my neighbors tree.

I guess if I want to get anything accomplished on that rug today then I had better get off here and get a moving.
Catch you all later.


Steph said...

Sounds like you should give Henry a call. He's experienced in pest removal.

lisa said...

I love birds but I don't like those starlings..they ripped my herbs to pieces. Their nest must smell wonderful! Your idea of putting netting over your plants is a great idea...I am dealing with the bunnies swiping my strawberries.. I feel there are more critters this year then any other year.. Have a great day..Lisa

Carmen C. said...

Oh no, I hope the netting works to make them move on, nothing worse than pests in the garden, one year we planted corn and the raccoons ate it all:(

Nancy M. said...

My chickens did the same to my garden, so I put them up. The tube is a great idea, never thought of that!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, bless you heart. You guys worked so hard.

Patty Sumner said...

just found your blog......sooo enjoyed checking it out. I have read that starling can be a nuisance. I too, have a nest at the corner of my house, but no problems from them. Hope your netting works...God bless you and have a joyous day!

Buttercup said...

Good luck on keeping your garden intact.

P.S. Your blog looks adorable.