Friday, June 25, 2010

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

This is the frozen yogurt that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I snapped pictures the whole way through as I made it BUT some little fingers found my camera and just so happened to delete all photos except the one above.

New rule in our house:
Don't touch Mom's camera!
No Way ~ No How!

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

                             5 cups blackberries
                                 1/3 cup water
                             2 tbsp. lemon juice
                                 1 cup sugar
                                 2 tsp. vanilla
                             dash of cinnamon
             32 oz. vanilla yogurt (can be Fat Free)

Place berries in a food processor and puree.
Strain to remove all seeds.
*I used my food mill for this step but you could also use a cheese cloth to squeeze all the goodness from the berries.*
Place pulp & juice back in food processor.
Add sugar, vanilla & cinnamon & process again.
Remove mixture to a bowl and add the yogurt.
Whisk together till blended well and freeze.


Carmen C. said...

LOL, your kiddos are so silly! That looks really good, may have to try that and SOON:) Enjoy your weekend sweet friend!

Farmchick said...

Hi--just stopping in for a visit...I have been out of the loop and I am sure missing everyone. :) Your frozen yogurt sure does look YUMMY! Hope you can stop by soon for a visit.

The Recycled Dove said...

I want to be out in the country as well. This looks awesome. Will give it a try.

Stop by and visit. I have a giveaway.


Granny Sue said...

Looks delicious! and cool.

Cheyenne said...

Looks so good and would be so perfect on a hot day. Yum! (Love your blog by the way...I'm enjoying looking through it!)