Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a Difference a Day Can Make

This is what it read two days ago.
100° outside and 80° inside our house ~ yuck!
The sun was blazing down and the humidity was awful.
That has been our weather pattern for a good while now but yesterday a front passed through our area and left us with much more pleasant weather. (My kind of weather)

Sunny skies and cool breezes have replaced all that stickiness. The A/C is off and the windows are open and
I'm enjoying the fresh air. The cooler temperatures always lure me to the kitchen to bake something yummy or prepare a big feast but instead I think I will simply sit back and enjoy the day. Maybe work a little on school lesson plans or just sit and stitch a bit.


Nancy M. said...

That is awesome! I think the cooler weather should be here by tomorrow, so I can enjoy it with you!

Violet said...

It was 107 in California's central valley yesterday, suppose to be only 101 today! We still have some of the kids 4-H rabbits and the hot weather is hard on them.

West Side of Straight said...

Oh I hate Hot hot weather too. Today is nice in the 70's, but tomorrow and Thursday forecast is for hotter temps. Your frozen yogurt looking really good in this warmer weather.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh boy, those kinds of temps where you are!!! The weather is crazy! Seeing the thermometer read in the 70's is much better!

Cora said...

We are feeling the same heat here in south Alabama....the humidity is awful... It finally rained today...Thank the Lord!
I feel your pain!