Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make Ahead Freezer Burritos

This recipe is perfect for quick summer-time meals and great for the OAM (Once A  Month) cook.
You can find the recipe HERE at Coleen's Recipes.
I made some of these over the weekend with hopes of having some extra to put in the freezer for another day.
Well, I had extras but they only lasted for one day before we ate them all up.

I love her technique of filling and then browning them. It gives it a bit of a crunch without having to deep-fry them.
I have to admit that I used my own traditional taco & burrito filling but hers sounds delicious too. I just used what was available in my own cupboards.
Now I'm thinking of all the endless possibilities for this creation:
Taco Chicken Burritos
Breakfast Burritos
Cheesburger Burritos
So many ideas and so simple, easy and inexpensive!

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Carmen C. said...

Those sound delicious! If I find any more of those big snakes, I'll give ya a call & you can come up with the BB gun, LOL, I will *hide* while you shoot;)