Monday, June 7, 2010

Storm Watching from My Front Porch

Lots of storms moved through our area this weekend. Thankfully, we were spared some of the heavy damage that other surrounding counties endured.
Locally, there were plenty of creeks out of their banks due to the fast, heavy rainfall.
Here is the John Marshall Monarch Baseball Field in Glendale. My kids got a chuckle out of this because the sprinkler system was still on and watering the field even as it lay under water.

The heavy winds and rain also took a toll on our garden. Most of the corn got whipped over on it's side.

Some of them are beginning to stand up a bit but I figure I'm gonna have to stake some of them up once the garden dries up enough to walk in.
Here's a few more garden pics:

Potatoes are going to be ready to begin digging up soon.

                      Peppers with itty bitty blooms.

                              Giant Sunflowers

                            Tomatoes in bloom


That's about all that is going on in my world. I'm still on *vacation* mode. I've got plenty to do but instead I'm just chilling out.
It's a definite lazy Monday here. I awoke many times last night to the sound of sirens as they raced up RT. 250.
There was an explosion at a drilling rig that injured 7 workers.
This is the orange glow and smoke that could be seen from my bedroom window last night.

The news said that the workers were transported to West Penn in Pittsburgh and that none of them were in life-threatening condition. That is super! However, I'm sure they all have a long road to recovery.
You can read more about it HERE.


Carmen C. said...

Your garden is looking fantastic:) We have to get some fencing up around ours, those darn deer have been in there eating on my bean leaves:( We had a tornado warning here Sun. morning but nothing touched down, scary though for sure, glad you & your family are safe:) I will post the pizza recipe tomorrow!

Nancy M. said...

Your garden looks so much better than mine! Mine has weeds everywhere! I try to pull them, but there's too many. At least it's still producing, lol!

I have a question about the potatoes. I have read you're supposed to keep putting dirt on top, every so often. Is that what you do? We tried last year, but didn't get any. We have some this year and were wondering if we should put dirt on them or not? Thanks!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

That a lot of rain. We have just had a huge storm/cyclone come through the east of Australia, no damage at our place.
Garden is looking good.

Granny Sue said...

We missed the heavy rains here, Jessica, although we drove through some good storms this weekend. I laughed out loud about the baseball field---too funny! Your garden is coming right along; peppers in bloom is a real feat. sometimes I don't get any peppers until late August. And your potatoes will be ready to dig any day from the look of them. Larry has been hilling our potatoes really well this year, so I'm hoping for a good crop. We've had a couple meals from them so far--nothing is as good as a new potato in my book.

Buttercup said...

Glad the damage from the storms was relatively minor. So enjoy looking at your garden. Looks great!
Prayers for all injured in the explosion and hopes for quick and complete recoveries!