Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking the STING out of Bee Stings

This is the remedy that my mother always used on us when we were growing up and it is the one that my kids ask for when they get stung.

Bee Sting Remedy

Baking Soda

Make a thick paste by mixing a tbsp. or so of baking soda with just a few drops of water. Stir it up with your finger and then apply it to the bee sting area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and it really helps to take the STING away.

I keep a store-bought Bee Stick in my medicine cabinet but my kids always ask for the baking soda stuff when they get stung. They say it works better... and one of my kids should know.
Katie has been stung 4 times this summer. It's called STUBBORN!  You would think after the first time she would just give up and put shoes on before she runs outside.

She was stung again the other day and I did finally notice that she IS now putting shoes on before she heads out the back door.
She is obviously allergic to bees because her foot will swell up for 4-5 days after getting stung and the other night she broke out in hives (after being stung) that lasted into the next day. I gave her some Benadryl and watched her closely. Yesterday the hives disappeared and today the swelling seems to be going down.
I wish there was a good homemade remedy for allergic reactions!


Carmen C. said...

Poor Katie! I know how bad those can hurt, but I've heard of the baking soda remedy before and you can't go wrong for the cost of it:)

Anita said...

Hi Jessica, Well that foot looks real sore...hope the sweeling goes down. Don't you just love baking soda?...great help. Kind regards, Anita.

Cheryl said...

Never heard of using baking soda, will have to try it next time.

Once a yellow jacket got me and hubby put his entire wad of chewing tobacco on my neck. It worked by I had juice running down my chest and into bra. lol

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Jessica ask her pediatrician if you get a chance to see if she needs to carry one of those epinephrine pens with her -- my kiddo had to for a time when each reaction was getting worse...

I like the baking soda paste, it sounds soothing.

Country Whispers said...

Cheryl...I've never heard of tobacco juice for that but hey if it works then it's worth it.
Holly.. I am going to! Kinda scary, that's why I keep a very close eye on her each time.