Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Crafting with the Kids

Aren't these cute?
I was blog hopping the other night and ran across a new craft blog. One that has a section geared for kids, so I browsed through her ideas and copied  many to try in the coming months.
Here in our homeschooling adventures, Fridays are for catching up on things (like Art class) that get tossed to the sidelines on normal days.
These were easy for the kids to make and fairly inexpensive if you already have some basic art supplies laying around. I did have to go to an art supply store to buy the little hats for a dollar but the rest of the stuff I already had. Well, all except for enough glue sticks. I ran out of those but luckily, Mom & Dad had a few of those at their house so instead of having to stop and run to the store I just ran across the street and borrowed one of theirs.☺
You can find the instructions for the scarecrow over at CRAFTS BY AMANDA. I've added her site to my sidebar so that I can check it daily. I'm always looking for ways to entertain and occupy children. :0)

It's windy and warm here now but it's supposed to cool down by morning which is good. We've got lots to do this weekend. We're going shopping for a pool for next year. We have talked for several years about buying an above ground pool but have never done it...I think we're just going to jump and do it this time.
Also, we're going to tour the former WV Penitentiary using the tickets that I blogged about HERE and this weekend the Elizabethtown Festival is also going on inside the walls of the penitentiary.
Lots to do and we've got great weather to do it in.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Carmen C. said...

OH my those are ADORABLE!!!!! They did a wonderful job on them! this is the perfect time of year for some good deals on pools, have fun shopping and enjoy the weekend!!!

mamabug said...

What a cute project, looks like the kids enjoyed working on them! Happy Fall!