Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morningstar Farms Veggie Burger Wrapped in Phyllo Dough

*Not the prettiest picture maybe....but it was tasty and something different from the usual.*

It's been a busy weekend and so far a busy start to the new week.
Saturday we headed to PA in search of a good deal on a swimming pool. We've talked for some time about getting one and we finally took the plunge. We found the pool that we wanted and a not-so-bad price for installation and ground prep so we grabbed it. I hated to write the check for the purchase but I know that it will give us all many years of enjoyment.
Now we will just hope that next summer is not a cool one....I know, I know that is all that I wished for this year but you can't (comfortably) swim if it's too cool and we will all be anxious to jump in.
After we returned from PA we headed down to the old WV Penitentiary for a tour and quickly walked through the Elizabethtown Festival that was held inside the prison yard. The tour itself took forever but was really interesting. The tour guide once worked within those walls and was able to provide a more accurate account of those who lived there.
Everyone was starving by the time we finished so we loaded up and headed to my favorite lil' restuarant - Undo's. We pigged out and then headed home to build a toasty fire in the backyard.
Busy yet fun and productive weekend.
Now we are back to the ol' grind of things. I hope to have gotten some decent pictures from our tour to share with you all but I've got to get them all loaded first.

Now to the main course!
I was watching Food Network the other day ( I can't remember which show) and they were making all different kind of burgers and sandwiches. One caught my attention. It was some sort of sandwich filling wrapped up in phyllo dough, browned and served as a sandwich with fries.
So, here is my version. It worked nicely with a store bought veggie patty since they are quick to cook. Unlike a hamburger that you would need to cook first and then wrap in the dough.

Morningstar Farms 1/4 Pounder wrapped in Phyllo Dough

Morningstar Farms Grillers 1/4 Pounder patty
Onion slices
3 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
slice of Provolone cheese
2 sheets phyllo dough
olive oil

Place 1/4 pounder on plate and microwave for 2 minutes.
Saute onion slices in a bit of olive oil. When they are almost done toss in the tomatoes and let simmer a few minutes.
Unwrap dough and and lay 2 sheets of phyllo dough flat.
Place burger in the center of the dough.
Top with onion and tomatoes and then a slice of cheese.
Carefully, wrap the dough around the burger and then place seam side down in the same pan that you sauteed the onions in.
Let brown on one side and then the other.

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Carmen C. said...

That looks really good! congrats on the pool, I know your kids (and you) will love it and if it is a cool summer you can always get a heater for it, LOL!!!!