Friday, October 22, 2010

Gathering Nuts, A New Favorite & Salt Dough

Happy Friday to all!
I am so glad the weekend is here.
I have tons of stuff I should do but the sounds of a quiet weekend spent doing nothing sounds wonderful.
Not that that will happen but I can still dream.
I've got a bathroom that needs repainted, vehicles that need washed and waxed before winter fully arrives, sewing, Ebaying, catching up on everyone's blogs and so so much more.
Wonder which or how many of those will actually get done??
Yesterday afternoon I looked out the back window to see two of my kids pounding away at my little Burr Oak tree. Yikes!
I went out to yell at them but I was quickly greeted by the nut gatherer.
She was so happy with how many she had gathered and Gage was grinning ear to ear each time he knocked one off the tree that it was hard to yell at either one of them. Instead I sat and watched as they carefully knocked more down thinking the whole time that maybe without the nuts on the tree that all the little pesky chipmunks that are burrowing up my yard will go away!

After Mark finished work we headed to the mall to grab a bite to eat. When we finished eating we headed over to Ollie's Bargain Outlet. This store has been in our area for a good while but I never take the time to go into it. That is until last night. It is now my new favorite!
As soon as you walk in the door you run into aisles and aisles of books. Tons of cookbooks, history, educational, romance, amish reads, religious, hobby etc. I could have spent the whole shopping trip in just the books alone.
In the end we ended up bringing plenty home with us.
These are a few of Logan's picks.
I also found a few jigsaw puzzles that will keep us busy indoors when the weather changes
and some new Christmas cards as well as the book Amish Peace that I have heard from a few bloggers was a good read.

Today, we managed to squeeze in some time to try a new recipe for salt dough. ( Do you gals put lemon juice in your dough??--It said that it would make the dough even harder.) 
The kids always enjoy playing in the kitchen and getting their hands dirty so they enjoyed this.
The dough is drying in the oven right now so maybe tomorrow we can get them painted up cute.
Well I'm off to get a few more things done so that I can spend my evening here just sitting by the fire.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Carmen C. said...

Your *nut gatherers* are TOO cute!!! I have never heard of adding lemon juice, you'll have to let us know how they turn out! I like Ollie's too, you found some great stuff;) Enjoy your fire and the weekend:D

West Side of Straight said...

Your "nut gatherers" are cute, and looks like they had fun. She was so proud of her stasch! Have a great weekend. Looks like you have some great reading to do!

Peggy Arteberry said...

Cuties indeed! Yes, a nice weekend doing nothing..... ah, we can dream can't we? Hugs

Sharon said...

Hi Jessica! Thank you for following my blog! I love yours and will be adding it to my sidebar. Your nut gatherer looks so happy with her find. I used to make salt dough but never put lemon juice in it. I'll have to remember that. Have a blessed weekend!

Angela said...

That might keep the critters out of your yard if you gather up all of the nuts. Love the picture of your "Nut Gather"! Kids just have a way of showing their excitement that we as adults need to be more child like.

I'd love to sit by a fire! It's been just too windy here to have one.

Have a Great Week!