Thursday, November 11, 2010

And the Baking Began...

We got the new stove installed the other night and I just couldn't wait to start baking.
(When I say we, I don't really mean me. I actually have my husband, son and Dad to thank for that.)
Anyways, Wednesday morning I was up bright and early and ready to bake. I found these chewy ginger cookies over at Whispering Dreams the other day and thought they looked so yummy and they WERE. If you'd like the recipe you can get it HERE.
I made two batches of these. One for us which I chose to leave the cloves out of because I can't stand the strong taste of them. The other batch was made for my Dad using Splenda instead of regular sugar.
Notice the difference in the two cookies. The splenda version is more like a cake type drop cookie. I prefer the real version but if you are watching sugar then the Splenda ones are tasty too! However, if you are really watching your sugar then you may just want to skip these cookies all together because the molasses itself has a good bit of sugar in it.
Bike trail along Ohio River
In other news, the weather has been beautiful here. They are calling for 2 more days of sunshine before the cold sets back in along with rain. We took advantage of the nice weather today and went for a bike ride with Dad. It is so bare and blaw looking now that most of the leaves have fallen.
Katie trying to catch up with Gage
It's been several weeks since any of us have taken a ride and I think we were all feeling it.
Bike riding is one thing that I will sure miss during the winter. I could go over to Mom and Dad's to use their bike, treadmill or his new BowFlex but it's just not as much fun as being outdoors and exercising.

Happy Veterans Day and a great big Thank You to all who have served or are serving our country.


Carmen C. said...

I wondered what you'd bake first, LOL, they look delicious! Beautiful weather here too, we got some leaves tilled into the garden and put it *to bed* Love the new stove!!!

Anonymous said...

At last! :)

I wasn't much of a cook when my children were growing up, but they do remember that I was a good baker. Between my husband's diabetes and my cardiovascular disease, my baking days are long gone. But, it sure was fun and I know how glad you are to get the home fires burning again.

It's been great weather here too!

I read your posts and think so many times that I wish I had a Mom like you! Enjoy your stove.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Happy to see the New Stove is ready for some serious baking, Your
weather look great in WV, We are
finally having some cooler temps
too,Had not turned the AC on for
Two days now..

Have Fun Baking ...:_)

West Side of Straight said...

It's so much fun to get a new stove. You bake so much I'm sure you'll just love it. Those cookies look so yummy. Trying to diet, so staying away from things like that, but cravings don't go away! Have a great weekend. jo

Farmchick said...

Your cookies look Dad's favorite cookies are Gingersnaps....he like them with lots of spice! Enjoy your new stove!!:) Come say hi.

Patty Sumner said...

Yummy!!! I am so glad you got your new stove....Blessings to you! Continue to enjoy that beautiful weather while you can.

Angela said...

Aw, a nice clean stove! Mine is filthy dirty because I cook! lol That's my story and I'm sticking to it! hehehe

The weather has been very nice around here to this week. It just doesn't last long enough though.

Have a Great Weekend!

Cheryl said...

Very nice stove. Just in time for the holidays.

Nancy M. said...

It's purty! I am so glad you are finally able to bake again! Those cookies look yummy!