Monday, November 15, 2010

And the stockings were hung!

Howdy all!
Can you tell how my weekend was spent?
Since the weather was still fairly warm we decided to go ahead and put the Christmas decorations up. It's usually freezing cold out when we decorate and we either have to fight the bulk of wearing gloves or our fingers turning blue due to coldness.
Not this year!
It was quite nice and sunny, sunny enough for sunglasses.
Mark on his ladder and I in my...wait a minute I've got the wrong story. :0)

We started with the outside decorations and by yesterday evening we had the tree and all up.
We also got a big portion of our Christmas shopping done and boy am I pooped now!
Too much at one that a sign of getting older?
Ha...please don't answer that cause I don't think I want to hear it.
I found these candy canes at Big Lots yesterday for $10 and think they are so cute. They match our candy cane striped pillars on the front porch.
I took a picture of our Christmas tree last night but it didn't turn out. It was too blurry so I'll have to try again this evening.
Speaking of lights, do any of you know where I could find the little bell lights that play Christmas carols continuously. Our set isn't working so I went out to look for new ones yesterday and they are no where to be found in this valley. I did find some snowflakes but they play once and then shut off. 
I would really like to find the original bells that play nonstop and have a volume control.

That's about all that is new in my world. I'm not doing a whole lot today other than schooling and cooking. Just trying to rest up a bit.

You'll have to be sure to stop back tomorrow ~ I'm gonna have a GIVEAWAY for you all to enter.


Sharon said...

You sure got a lot accomplished! I don't blame you for not doing much today. :)

Aliene said...

I have not even thought of decorating.
But here in the south we don't have the real cold so we can do it anytime. I have been working on home made gifts though. some bought.

Carmen C. said...

LOL, glad I'm not the only *early bird*, I love your porch, so welcoming and festive, and WHAT is it with taking pics of trees?? I had a terrible time with mine too!

Farmchick said...

Love the candy canes...they are too cute. They look perfect right there on the door. :)

Stop over for a visit...I am starting a recipe swap..hope you will join in with some of your great recipes!! :)

Farmchick said...
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Mama-Bug said...

Jessica those Christmas stockings are so pretty, did you make them? Your decorations look so nice too.
I'll probably start decorating after Thanksgiving.

West Side of Straight said...

Love your candy cane house! You're way ahead of me! Feels good doesn't it.

Patty Sumner said...

Wow, the decorations are beautiful. It really makes me want to put up my docorations. I did put up my Christmas Village.

Angela said...

Your house looks beautiful! Love those candy canes on your front door! Cute! I had thoughts of trying to decorate for Christmas but I wanted to wait until Thanksgiving. We did talk about going to the tree farm again this year and cutting down one. It's great fun and the kids love it.

Have a Great Day!

The Wife said...

I'm so excited for Christmas. I just love this time of year. The husband wouldn't let me start decorating yet. Gotta wait till after Thanksgiving. Party pooper!

Nancy M. said...

Wow, you are ahead of the game! I mean you've decorated and bought a lot of presents. I'm feeling a little behind now, lol! Your house looks great! Have you checked Ebay or Amazon. I usually look there when I can't find it anywhere else.

Holly said...

Okay, I'm envious. I applaud you. I've just started to think about Christmas and I'm overwhelmed already. Usually I'm at least half done by now but the addition of three grand daughters living with us has changed my orderly life and turned it upside down. But oh how fun the holidays will be as we seeing through their eyes.