Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Flakes of the Season

View of Rt. 250 Hill from my front porch

Actually it's not truly the first flakes but they are the first ones to accumulate.
If you want to call this accumulation!
We are still waiting for our first "real" snow of the season and you can tell the kids are anxious for it by this itty bitty snowman that they made.
Look at all the green grass around it.
The kids hustled outdoors this morning so that they could play in the little dusting of snow that we got last night and this is what they made.
Poor little guy was too small to even get a mini carrot to stick for a nose.
We had about 2 inches of rain before the temperatures dropped so what we have are water logged & muddy yards that melt the snow as soon as it touches the ground. The roads did turn icy last night resulting in numerous wrecks but we were all safe and snug at home.
It's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas.
Just bring on some more SNOW!


cottageprims said...

The little snowman is cute.LoL..I'm ready for a couple of inches here.We've had flurries and rain.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Carmen C. said...

He is cute! Our grass here is completely covered and now it is sticking to the roads, ugh! so glad I haven't had to go anywhere today!

Mel said...

Oh look, it's Frosty's cousin... How adorable that little snowman is, I'd be more than happy to share some snow with you all.

We received about 5" yesterday, more on the way!

Winter Blessings,

Cheryl said...

Snow the snow baby.

black bear cabin said...

Love the little snowman...cant wait to see what they build when you get some real snow :)

Patty Sumner said...

The little snowman is just precious! How wonderful to homeschool so your children were able to enjoy the snow this morning. Wonderful memeories!!! My hats off to you! Blessings!

Sandra said...

He may be little, but that's more than we get here, ever!

Verde Farm said...

That little snowman is adorable. I can remember being that anxious to build one when I was little. You live near Beckley? We are in Huntington--got a beautiful snow this weekend. We have about 2 inches but it didn’t stick to the roads-just everything else and it’s beautiful :)
Amy at Verde Farm