Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fieldtrip to Heinz Field

Since the Super Bowl is this weekend and the Steelers are going I thought I'd share the pictures that I took a few years ago while there on a school field trip.
The year was 2007 ~ the final year for our school as it was slated for closure and consolidation. (and the year before I began homeschooling)
As the final "big hurrah" before being closed the whole school was taken on this one last fieldtrip.

A day in Pittsburgh touring Hienz Field and the Carnegie Science Center.

These are just a few of the sights that we saw that day.
                                   Entering Heinz Field
Sitting in the Lounge Area - look at the sweet little face.
                                   (Gage - 7years old)
                                        Heinz Field
              Another Field shot looking towards the river.
                           Looking out from a luxury suite.
                      On our way to the Locker Rooms
                 Locker Room ( the kid's favorite part of tour)
                  Gage & some friends in the locker room

The other favorite was getting to go down to the field. I had pictures of that too but can't find them now anywhere.
The kids were pretty impressed with it's size once they were standing on it.

It was definitely a day they will always remember.

Now before you all ask,
Do I want the Steelers to win???
Well, I gotta tell you that I'm not a huge sports fan.
While my husband is glued to the tv each weekend watching football, Nascar or whatever other flavor of the season it is, I am usually off doing something else or watching something else on another tv.
So I'll just say good luck to both teams!


Carmen C. said...

I don't care who wins either although ALOT of folks around here are Steeler's fans. Don't tell Gage I said this but those precious lil' cheeks look like they are just waiting for a big ole' kiss, LOL!!!! Stay safe in this weather:)

Cheryl said...

It's huge and how exciting to tour it!

Patty Sumner said...

Not much of a Sport's fan on this side either. Enjoyed the pics and I know the memories of that day are sweet. Blessings!

michelle said...

Looks like that was a very nice memory for you and Gage.Im not into sports at all.When the girls cheer,Its funny cause I never even watch the football part,just them cheering.lol.The hubbies a big Browns fan(I dont like them only cause I think there colors are ucky.lol)If I had my choice I would say the steelers will win .have a great night and drive safe if your out and about .blessings michelle

Tammi said...

Not a sports fan but I like the food part! lol

Sharon said...

I had to laugh when I read about your husband being glued to the tv watching sports. It sounds like our house! LOL! I'm not a sports fan either and am doing the same thing as you. :) I'll be making some yummy snacks for him to munch on while watching, though.

Nezzy said...

Oh please don't hate me 'cause I'll be curled up on the loveseat by the fireplace with a good book lookin' up only for the great commercials!

God bless ya and have a warm fuzzy kinds day sweetie!!!