Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Filled to the Brim but Not Spilling Over

The kids and I have been riding down by the river (Ohio) each morning to check out the water levels.
Our local news stations have been back and forth as to whether or not the river would flood or not.
Thankfully it didn't!
It came up near the top of the banks but never spilled out.
This is what it looked like this morning at the boat ramp.
Here the walkway down to the docks have been pulled up, but still under water.
And here's how they normally look.
Another shot taken today
 and one on a normal day
It's hard to tell from these pictures but it's a pretty good drop from the top of the bank down to the shore.

I noticed a man standing out on one of the docks late last evening. Not sure what he was doing because there aren't any boats tied up at the moment but I can tell you that you wouldn't catch me out there right now.
I'll view the water from afar.

Well, I better get off here and get my dinner in the oven so it will be ready when hubby gets home from work.
It's Survivor Night ~ so I want to get dinner, dishes, laundry and anything else that needs done out of the way so we can watch TV. It's the one night of the week that everything ceases and we all sit and watch a show.
Enjoy your evening!


Carmen C. said...

Wow that's alot of river!! I don't watch Survivor, but tonight starts a new series of "hoarder's" on TLC, so I'll be up late as it doesn't start till 10:)

Angela said...

If we get a lot of rain over the weekend I'm sure the river will be up again! Looks like we are in for a wet spring! I'll be watching the water around our house a lot. Monday it went up 2 feet in an hour! I was afraid that by the time my daughter would get home from the bus that our road would be flooded so I drove into town and got her out of school about 5 minutes before school let out! lol It did rise another foot and a half in the time it took me to get her and get home!

We watch In the Middle on Wednesdays. Love that show!

Have a Great Day!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Please be careful by the rising waters. We already had to read about the tragic accident to a fellow blogger due to the high raging waters.
Take care!
Prim Blessings! Robin

Farmchick said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the river.....we are gonna have a lot of full rivers around here. Hoping you are doing well...please stop over and say hi!!

Tammi said...

I am afraid of water especially flood water!

Patty Sumner said...

Wow! That is a lot of water rising up. Stay safe.....My husband, daughter and myself are into American Idol. We always look forward to that tiime together. Of course, now that AMerican Idol is on Wed's, we miss that night but still watch the other nights. I also love the Biggest Looser. blessings and I hope that water goes down soon.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

That sure was a lot of water. Hopefully everything has subsided by now!