Monday, April 4, 2011

Felt Daffodils

Is it too cold and snowy in your area for the daffodils to bloom?
Why not create your own daffodils from felt.
I found this cute tutorial over at HARTFELT FABRIC ART  and since I had a stash of felt laying around I thought I'd give them a try.
Now I know that daffodils are yellow but I couldn't resist adding a a few more colors. I wanted to make the white daffodils with the orange centers but I didn't have any white felt so the pink and blue took it's place.
These were so easy to make.
Just a few cuts, a tiny bit of stitching and wahlah!
I placed my finished flowers on straws and then wrapped them in the green floral tape. I didn't have any small empty pots so I just used a canning jar that I wrapped in some spring colored fabric. I used a rubberband around the rim to secure the fabric and covered it with a pretty ribbon.

If you make those and want to try your hand at another flower then you may want to visit WEEFOLKART. They have a tutorial for brightly colored Poppieswhich I'll be trying next!

Have a great Monday and stay safe!
Lots of stormy weather all around.


Carmen C. said...

Those are adorable!!! If we can't have the real ones may as well have these right?? Calling for a bit of snow again tomorrow here...GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

Angela said...

Sweet! Those are so cute!

Have a Great Day!

Cheryl said...

Those are just darling and such a smart ideal.

Kimara said...

These are adorable. All these flower projects are making me yearn for some sunshine... and a few buds would be lovely :)

Patty Sumner said...

Those are way to cute! I love them. What a creative idea. Blessings!

Buttercup said...

These are so cute. I think I might even be able to do them.

Mama-Bug said...

Your little daffodils are so sweet Jessica. I like all the pretty colors; I love it when you think out of the box!

Granny Sue said...

Now that's cool, Jessica. What a neat craft.