Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comment Problems Solved

Do you want to scream each time you try to leave a comment on a blog and it won't let you?
Blogger just keeps spinning you in circles asking you to sign in and then your comment shows up as an anonymous comment.
Then you go back to edit it and Blogger sends you spinning again.
Sound familiar?

If it does then you must go HERE and read how to fix the problem. It worked for me!

Thank you Carmen for passing this link on to me ((HUGS)) and thanks to Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives for posting it!


Farmchick said...

Thanks....I am going to try it!! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great Sunday......come visit.

Carmen C. said...

Glad it worked for you Jessica, as soon as I saw that I thought of you;) Hope your enjoying the weekend, we're heading off to pick strawberries in a bit:)