Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Finished It! (and a little catch-up)

I finally finished Katie's scrap quilt the other day so I can mark that off my list and go on to my next project ~whatever that may be.
I can't believe that more than a 1/3 of our summer vacation is already gone.
Where did it go??
I have so many things that I want to get accomplished before school starts back but I just can't seem to get my butt in gear. It's much more fun to sit outdoors watching the kids splash and play in the pool or catch fireflies late into the evening.
I have been working on some stitching while sitting outside but I'm not real impressed with the way it's turning out so I may skip this block and improvise with a little something different. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to improvise with but I've got an idea. Once I get it figured out I'll share it with you.
Katie and I went to the library with some friends last week to see Granny Sue. That is the second time I have seen Granny in action and I can tell you that she does a fabulous job of storytelling. She always interacts with the kids by bringing them up front to help her with her storytelling. This years stories were from far away lands and the kids each got to pick an animal puppet or some drums to use in the story. There was some quiet listening time, a few songs to be sung and a dragon craft to be completed. A fun day for all!
We've had a bit of rain and stormy weather this past week. This shed sits on a neighboring property and as you can see the wind or lightning brought part of a tree tumbling upon it. I'm guessing it was wind, however we had some *awesome* lightning that night and I saw a great big streak come down near that tree so I'm not sure which caused it.

The only other "excitement" going on around here is that I'm getting ready for a yardsale. Lots of "junk" to go through!
Some of the items I've been listing on Ebay and doing rather well.
I've learned over the years that there is no rhyme or reason with Ebay. Sometimes things will sell and other times not.
This must be one of those good times!

Well that's about all that is happening in my neck of the woods. I'm way behind in my blogging as well as reading all of your blogs but I'll get caught up soon. Just too busy soaking up the sunny weather!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

The scrapquilt is beautiful - I have found the same with ebay.... you just never know what will be popular... Happy Summer Wishes!

Carmen C. said...

That quilt turned out awesome and love the big dolphin:) Good luck with the yard sale, boy they are so much work, hope you make lots of $$$!

Lady Jane said...

Love that quilt... Havent even been in our pool yet this summer. Back when the weather was conducive the pool wasnt ready now it is ready and it is cold again...We are still waiting for summer here, lol...

Granny Sue said...

Lovely quilt, Jessica! Thanks for the good words about my storytelling program--I have as much fun as he kids :)

Looks like your eBay is going great! Send me a link to your stuff so I can look too! I've been selling some but not right now, with so many other things on my plate. I'll get back to it soon, I hope. My sales were pretty good and very encouraging. Nice little side income.

Patty Sumner said...

It seems you have been very busy even though you think you have not. I have always wanted to start ebaying but just have not pursued it. I love the quilt. Have a great day and enjoy that pool. Blessings!

Cheryl said...

The quilt is so pretty, good job!
Having a pool in the back yard would be wonderful and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it.

black bear cabin said...

what an adorable quilt...and doesnt it feel good to finish a project! im impressed...when the weather is nice out, i rarely to finish a quilt in the summer, is no small task! i get more inspired to quilt in the Fall. Congrats on the ebay stuff...i keep telling myself i should give it a try, but it just hasnt happened! hugs~

Stephanie said...

What a great blog!!

Stephanie said...

Great blog!! Hello from WV!

A Vintage Green said...

I've enjoyed reading Granny Sue's blog for quite a while now.

Your sampler looks so interesting. Hope you post a finished picture.

- Joy