Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Welcome Relief

We finally got a little bit of relief this evening from the hot and muggy weather and thank goodness for that!
I'm not overly fond of all this heat and humidity so after dinner I skipped going outdoors and went to my room to jump on my laptop. Not long after that Katie came and got me saying that it was getting awfully dark outside. Next my Mom and Dad called.
They were out shopping (about 1/2 hour away) and had to pull off the road due to heavy winds, rain and hail.
So I figured I better get out back and get my laundry off the clothesline before the storm got here.
I watched the clouds twist, turn and bubble and then the lightning and thunder could be seen and heard.
The storm wasn't quite here so I grabbed my camera and stood right outside the door trying to capture a picture of lightning. Do you know how hard it is to snap the picture at just the right moment??? Let me tell you it is HARD but I finally caught one. (Click on picture to enlarge.)
Once the rain and wind began I couldn't see a thing out my back windows.
Out front you could see the rain coming down fast and hard in sheets as the wind blew.
Thankfully no damage here at home but lots of trees and power lines down all over town.
Once the worst was over, I headed back outdoors to watch the storm as it traveled southeast.
You could still hear rumbles of thunder in the distance as the sky lit up in shades of purple.
Now the humidity is gone, replaced with some pleasant cool evening air. Wish it would stay around a bit longer but I believe tomorrow is gonna be another hot one.
Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!


Angela said...

I love your lightening picture Jessica! I know that was hard to get! I tried the other night and couldn't get it! lol

We sure are having some wild weather!

Have a Great Weekend!

michelle said...

Great pics sweetie!we sure have been needing some rain!have a great weekend!big hugs michelle

Carmen C. said...

You got more than we did, we had some thunder & a little lightening but just light rain, not nearly enough! Hot again long till FALL??? I can say I think I'm ready for some snow at this point:)

Anonymous said...

My mom down in Bridgeport WV had that same storm and was telling me about it. Thanks for the pictures


Farmchick said...

Glad you got some rain and coolness {for a bit anyway} Come on over and join my party again!! Love your submissions!