Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did You Feel It?

Well did any of you on the east coast feel the earth a moving this afternoon?
I didn't feel a thing!
I had just stepped from the front door and sat down on the couch. The phone rang and it was my mom ( who just lives across the street from me). She wanted to know if my house just shook.  I told her no, I didn't feel a thing. She then told me how her house shook, the walls creaked and the clothes hanging in her closet were still swaying as she was talking to me. Hmmmm???
I went outside and looked around thinking maybe somewhere in the area something big had happened like an explosion.
Nope, nothing that I could see going on anywhere but another neighbor stepped outdoors and asked me the same thing.
Did your house just shake?
Ok...now I'm really wondering what is going on.
I called hubby at work (1/2 hour away in Ohio) and he said that they all felt it there too!
Time to turn the TV on.
It took about 10 minutes but finally the news stations started breaking through programming to announce that a 5.9 earthquake hit the Richmond, Virginia area.
Not a big quake compared to what those out west are used to but for us on the east coast...well earthquakes just don't happen very often.
The last time I can remember feeling the ground shake was when I was in Jr. High school some 25 years ago.
Today, no damages were reported in  our area that I have heard of. Just a lot of people left in awe because they could feel the earth moving under their shoes! :0)


Angela said...

Glad you didn't feel it but how strange that it was felt all around you! Perhaps your house is built on a better foundation of rock under your house or something.

I didn't feel the quake when it happened but I did feel something strange this morning. I was sleeping and woke up because it felt like my bed was shaking like how the washing machine will do when it is in spin mode. It didn't last long and it was around 8 am. I did think perhaps a small earthquake but I dismissed it. I still don't know what happened because the real quake didn't happen until way later in the day! lol My uncle felt it in Poca, West Virginia but my Granny who lives there too didn't feel it.

A good friend from Clinton, Maryland felt it and it was very strong at her house. A few things fell from shelves all around her house.

Tudy said...

I felt it here in Northeast Ohio. I was reading in my chair and it and the lamp shook.

Carmen C. said...

I didn't feel anything either but when I got on FB everyone was talking about the earthquakes all over, very strange!

Mama-Bug said...

This has truly been a strange year for weather and other events. Glad everyone is safe.

Christine said...

Your home must have good foundations!
Glad everyone is safe!

Ladybug said...

Glad everyone is safe and no damage
These events are the fulfilling of the Bible for sure,Got email from
my DF in VA and she was on the
Interstate going home,when it
Many Blessings to all...

West Side of Straight said...

Glad you didn't feel it, and now they're saying it did more damage than thought earlier. Stay safe! Guess earthquakes can happen just about anywhere!

Nancy M. said...

I felt it down here in SC. I was sitting in my recliner and it just started moving.